Beginning Silverlight 5 in C#

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旧版本:Beginning Silverlight 4 in C#

Book Description
The growing popularity of Web 2.0 applications is increasing user expectations for high-quality website design, presentation, and functionality. It is into this climate that Microsoft is releasing Silverlight 5, the latest iteration of its cross-browser web presentation technology.

Beginning Silverlight 5 in C# brings you to the cutting edge of Web 2.0 application design and includes plenty of practical guidance to get you started straight away. Silverlight design tools have important differences compared with those used to create Ajax and JavaScript functionality. Robert Lair takes you on a tour of all the tools, including:

  •     Microsoft Expression Design, which plays an important role in creating Silverlight assets
  •     Microsoft Expression Blend, which is used to build user interaction for Silverlight elements
  •     Microsoft Visual Studio, which manages the interaction between designers and developers, providing the coding environment for “nuts and bolts” wiring

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you'll move on to gain a more in-depth knowledge of some of the features introduced with Silverlight 5, including H.264 protected content, right-click event handling, a new printing API, and support for the Managed Extensibility Framework.

What you’ll learn

  •     Discover the tools needed for Silverlight 5 development, the roles each plays, and how they interact to produce a seamless result
  •     Understand the fundamental concepts and techniques that lie at the heart of every successful Silverlight application and how to apply them to your own projects
  •     Explore the new features and coding practices which Silverlight gives you, setting it apart from other web development tools

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone with an interest in web development. A basic familiarity with web development and simple C# coding is useful, but by no means a requirement. This book will teach you everything that you need to know.

Table of Contents

  •     Welcome to Silverlight 5
  •     Introduction to Visual Studio 2010
  •     Layout Management in Silverlight
  •     Silverlight Controls
  •     Data Binding and Silverlight List Controls
  •     Silverlight Toolkit
  •     Data Access and Networking
  •     Navigation Framework
  •     Isolated Storage in Silverlight
  •     System Integration in Silverlight
  •     Introduction to Expression Blend
  •     Styling in Silverlight
  •     Transformations and Animation
  •     Custom Controls
  •     Printing in Silverlight
  •     Deployment

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