Book Description
Practical Oracle Database Appliance is a hands-on book taking you through the components and implementation of the Oracle Database Appliance. Learn about architecture, installation, configuration, and reconfiguration.  Install and configure the Oracle Database Appliance with confidence. Make the right choices between the various configurations in order to realize your performance requirements. Manage and monitor the appliance to meet business requirements. Protect your data through proper backup and recovery procedures.

Oracle Database is one of the most relied-up databases in industry. For many years Oracle Database was a software product that had to be installed and configured at no small expense. The Oracle Database Appliance makes Oracle Database into a plug-and-play proposition: Plug the appliance into the wall socket, and turn it on. That's it. You have a running database server. This book takes you through that beginning point and beyond, helping you to realize in your own organization the ease of deployment and management represented by the appliance.

  •     Covers the Oracle Database Appliance from architecture through configuration.
  •     Provides a technical resource for system- and database administrators.
  •     Examines practical use cases for the Oracle Database Appliance.

What you’ll learn

  •     Assemble the Oracle Database Appliance.
  •     Understand the architecture and its implications for deployment.
  •     Configure network access and protect against intrusion.
  •     Monitor and troubleshoot the appliance.
  •     Identify and choose options for good performance.
  •     Diagnose problems and install patch sets when needed.

Who this book is for

Practical Oracle Database Appliance is for the Oracle database administrator or system administrator who currently manages, or will be implementing, the Oracle Database Appliance within a small- to medium-size business, or who is using the virtualization feature set to deploy numerous appliances within a large enterprise having many branch locations.

Table of Contents

  •     Oracle Database Appliance
  •     Integrated Lights Out Management
  •     Installation
  •     Database Configuration
  •     Networking
  •     Monitoring the Oracle Database Appliance
  •     Diagnosing the Oracle Database Appliance
  •     Patching the Oracle Database Appliance
  •     Business Values for the ODA
  •     Virtualization and the ODA
  •     e-Business Suite and the ODA
  •     Oracle Enterprise Manager and the ODA

Practical Oracle Database Appliance_46234
Practical Oracle Database Appliance
Download(10.8M PDF)
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