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Book Description

With more than 200 practical recipes, this book helps you perform data analysis with R quickly and efficiently. The R language provides everything you need to do statistical work, but its structure can be difficult to master. This collection of concise, task-oriented recipes makes you productive with R immediately, with solutions ranging from basic tasks to input and output, general statistics, graphics, and linear regression.

Each recipe addresses a specific problem, with a discussion that explains the solution and offers insight into how it works. If you’re a beginner, R Cookbook will help get you started. If you’re an experienced data programmer, it will jog your memory and expand your horizons. You’ll get the job done faster and learn more about R in the process.

    Create vectors, handle variables, and perform other basic functions
    Input and output data
    Tackle data structures such as matrices, lists, factors, and data frames
    Work with probability, probability distributions, and random variables
    Calculate statistics and confidence intervals, and perform statistical tests
    Create a variety of graphic displays
    Build statistical models with linear regressions and analysis of variance (ANOVA)
    Explore advanced statistical techniques, such as finding clusters in your data

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附件: 亲,您没有权限下载或查看附件喔:-) 马上登录注册吧!
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