Sencha MVC Architecture

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中文名:Sencha MVC架构开发指南


Book Description

A practical guide for designers and developers to create scalable enterprise-class web applications in ExtJS and Sencha Touch using the Sencha MVC architecture


  •     Map general MVC architecture concept to the classes in ExtJS 4.x and Sencha Touch
  •     Create a practical application in ExtJS as well as Sencha Touch using various Sencha MVC Architecture concepts and classes.
  •     Dive deep into the building blocks of the Sencha MVC Architecture including the class system, loader, controller, and application.

In Detail

Sencha provides one of the most popular frameworks to build RIA applications (using ExtJS) and HTML5 compliant mobile applications (using Sencha Touch). Creating an application is always easy, but creating a highly maintainable and scalable application is challenging without having solid architectural practices in place.

"Sencha MVC Architecture" covers all the aspects, from project design to building and packaging, creating and delivering an enterprise-class application by applying Sencha MVC Architecture. Every concept is supported with a functional code, which you can quickly try out and also understand how it works.

The book presents the general MVC architecture and presents a case for the client-side MVC architecture and their importance. You will learn why we need to have client-side MVC architecture and how the concepts map to the Sencha MVC Architecture. You will then learn how to create an application in ExtJS as well as Sencha Touch by applying all the concepts and classes of Sencha MVC Architecture. The step-by-step approach helps you build a working application without getting into the detail of the constructs yet explains how things work. The later part of the book will explain the Sencha MVC Architecture constructs in detail – class system, loader, controller, etc. and the best practices introduced by the framework. The end of the book will walk you through the challenges that you will face when you model your application using the Sencha MVC Architecture and also show you how to overcome each one of them. You will learn how to make use of the tools to manage your project beginning from the project creation to delivery.

What you will learn from this book

  •     Master the general MVC architecture concept
  •     Learn how the server-side and client-side MVC architecture work their purpose
  •     Understand the importance of client-side MVC architecture
  •     Use Sencha MVC Architecture to map the architectural concept to different classes
  •     Implement a functional ExtJS based application and a Sencha Touch application using the Sencha MVC Architecture
  •     Understand the internal functioning of the Sencha MVC Architecture classes – view, model, store, controller, and application
  •     Learn how the new class system works and what best practices are implemented by it, including the coding guidelines such as naming convention, accessor methods, etc.
  •     Discover the tools available and how to use them to create projects based on MVC architecture, build and package them


This is a step-by-step tutorial with plenty of example code for easier and quicker pick-up.

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