Book Description
The ultimate guide to UX from the world’s most popular resource for web designers and developers

Smashing Magazine is the world′s most popular resource for web designers and developers and with this book the authors provide the ideal resource for mastering User Experience Design (UX).

The authors provide an overview of UX and User Centred Design and examine in detail sixteen of the most common UX design and research tools and techniques for your web projects.

The authors share their top tips from their collective 30 years of working in UX including:

  •     Guides to when and how to use the most appropriate UX research and design techniques such as usability testing, prototyping, wire framing, sketching, information architecture & running workshops
  •     How to plan UX projects to suit different budgets, time constraints and business objectives
  •     Case studies from real UX projects that explain how particular techniques were used to achieve the client's goals
  •     Checklists to help you choose the right UX tools and techniques for the job in hand
  •     Typical user and business requirements to consider when designing business critical pages such as homepages, forms, product pages and mobile interfaces as well as explanations of key things to consider when designing for mobile, internationalization and behavioural change.

Smashing UX Design is the complete UX reference manual. Treat it as the UX expert on your bookshelf that you can read from cover-to-cover, or to dip into as the need arises, regardless of whether you have 'UX' in your job title or not.

Smashing UX Design: Foundations for Designing Online User Experiences_38162
Download(14.7M EPUB)
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