Elixir 是一种函数式编程语言,建立在Erlang虚拟机之上。它是一种动态语言,灵活的语法与宏支持,利用Erlang的能力来构建并发、分布式、容错应用程序与热代码升级。

Book Description

Elixir is an excellent language if you want to learn about functional programming, and with this hands-on introduction, you’ll discover just how powerful and fun Elixir can be. This language combines the robust functional programming of Erlang with a syntax similar to Ruby, and includes powerful features for metaprogramming.

This book shows you how to write simple Elixir programs by teaching one skill at a time. Once you pick up pattern matching, process-oriented programming, and other concepts, you’ll understand why Elixir makes it easier to build concurrent and resilient programs that scale up and down with ease.

  •     Get comfortable with Iex, Elixir’s command line interface
  •     Discover atoms, pattern matching, and guards: the foundations of your program structure
  •     Delve into the heart of Elixir with recursion, strings, lists, and higher-order functions
  •     Create processes, send messages among them, and apply pattern matching to incoming messages
  •     Store and manipulate structured data with Erlang Term Storage and the Mnesia database
  •     Build resilient applications with Erlang’s Open Telecom Platform
  •     Define macros with Elixir’s metaprogramming tools

Introducing Elixir: Getting Started in Functional Programming_47235
Introducing Elixir: Getting Started in Functional Programming
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附件: 亲,您没有权限下载或查看附件喔:-) 马上登录注册吧!